Philosophy and Goals



We believe that children learn through play and benefit from an inclusive, hands-on environment that fosters all developmental realms including: social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creativity. We believe that structure, consistency, and flexibility are all important in a child’s day. We respect children’s choices and believe that it is our role as caregivers to facilitate your child’s independence. Routines are put in place but are flexible to accommodate each child’s needs. A partnership between parents/guardians and caregivers is vital to ensure consistency between home and the daycare environment. Families are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s lives at the center and are encouraged to communicate any concerns and/or feedback to us.  We believe our child care consists of a warm, caring and safe environment that will assist children in developing to their full potential.



 · Provide quality care for each child

· Provide a safe, clean and fun environment for children and families

· Model and encourage appropriate guiding and caring for all children and families

· Support families in meeting their responsibilities to their children

· Increase the awareness and utilization of community resources as needed

· Promote positive and healthy self esteems

· Support families through an open line of communication and an active involvement through out the daycare